PhiDE Members Organize Camping Trip

Written by Preetam Vupputuri, Website Chair & Blog Head

Part of being pre-med students is learning how to deal with the immense stresses of classes, volunteering, research, and life in general. After all, near 50% of doctors experience burn-out, and up to 30% end up with some form of career dissatisfaction due to the stresses! With mental health struggles, like burn-out-induced depression or anxiety, only amplified during the isolated environment created by the pandemic, making sure to plan relaxing breaks and compartmentalize work stresses only becomes more important.

Being aware of this, members of PhiDE decided to independently plan a fully-vaccinated weekend getaway into the beautiful nature and wilderness treasured by all Michiganders. Check out the gallery of our members destressing in the pristine sand dunes of Ludington State Park!



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